Educational Activities for 18 Month Old Toddlers

As soon as your child reaches a year old, they are more willing to learn about anything and everything under the sun. For this reason, educational activities for toddlers are made it’s like preparing your kid for what they are about to learn in school. It is a good idea to start developing your child’s cognitive skills at an early age. Through engaging them in educational activities, your child won’t feel lost at school wondering what the teacher is talking about once they start being a student.

The first teachers are parents; they are the first to teach their children the alphabet and how to count numbers.
Parents and child can get to know more of each other through educational activities, and you get to see your child’s behavior when they play, what makes them cry, likes, dislikes, and what triggers their emotions. Activities can help you determine how far of a milestone your child has already acquired.

The Importance of Educational Activities

Toddlers have that enthusiasm once you gave them something that is new to their eyes. This is the same as when you are going to teach them something that is not familiar to them. Educational activities have benefits that can help you as a parent to develop your child’s well-being. With this intention, you can help your child by enhancing the areas that they are lacking. To make it more fun for them you can add educational toys for children’s development.

Also, educational activities for toddlers are a good means for socializing with other kids. It is part of preparing your child with encountering different sets of people at school. Invite your child’s playmates when you are doing educational activities to make it more exciting for them. Another key point is if your child is not as active as the other kid's educational activities can encourage them to move and talk more.

There are also instances that a toddler still hasn’t spoken a word yet and this will be troubling. Toddlers don’t have the same pace of developing each milestone. Yes, it will be troubling if your child has a slow advancement that is why educational activities are recommended especially for 18-month-old toddlers before they go to school. Let it be a daily routine or a twice a week habit to educate your child at home. Start with activities for 18-month-old at home if you are still anxious about letting your child play outdoors. Educational activities can be done anywhere as long as the place is child-friendly and safe to move around.

Educational Activities for 18-Month-Old

Below are some educational activities you may try out with your 18-month-old child:

Alphabet Puzzle Mats

Buy a set for your child and start learning the alphabet through this. Remove the letters from it’s designated puzzle mat then let your child find where it matches. If your kid happens to find the right answer teach them what the name of the alphabet is. You can also teach it first before starting the activity to enhance their memorizing skill.

Counting Stars

If there are alphabet puzzle mats, there are also a number of puzzle mats. Attach the puzzle mats on the wall then cut out stars from colored papers. Next, attach the stars to the puzzle mats. The number of stars that you will attach to the mat should be equivalent to the number on it. After doing so, you can now teach your kid how to count. Remove the stars to the mats then let your child attach it. Start again if your child continues to get it wrong until they finally get it.

Shape Blocks

Educative toys for toddlers include shape blocks wherein the kid should choose the right shape for it to be inserted inside the block. This is a perfect way for your child to learn various shapes and sizes.

Read Books

Try reading books with them. Encourage them to copy what you are saying. For your child to be familiar with words, you must let them hear more from children storybooks. Buy them educational audio books that they can listen to every day or in your car when you are traveling to a far place.

Nursery Rhymes

This can help if your child has slow development when it comes to talking. Talk to them every day, and recite nursery rhymes to them when they still find it hard to speak. You can also encourage your child to copy what you said; give them time to process all the words out. Never pressure a child when you find them slow, let them see that this is just normal and each kid has their own process speed.

Draw What You Like

It’s time to give your child colored pens, crayons, and paper. Teach them how to draw or basically how to write, guide their hand on how to hold a crayon or a pen. Also, let them draw what they like; this activity can let you know what their dominant hand is if it’s the right or left. It is also helpful for the child’s imagination.

Your child is getting closer to entering what is real in this world. They are about to enter school so better prepare them for what they might experience. Be of guide to them as parents you are their first teachers. Spec Kid Club can give you a hand in educating your child and in improving their well being.