Arts and Crafts for Kids

Engage your kids on activities that can enhance and sharpen their thinking capabilities. Arts and crafts for kids are a good method to train your child’s mind. This activity can build up parents and child relationship for they can do this together on a daily basis. It is also an example of sensory play ideas for babies. Teach your child different arts and crafts where they can learn and have fun at the same time.

There are several arts and crafts activities that your child can do. This depends on what age range they are now in. The developing child can benefit from such activities for it can enhance their fine motor, gross motor, sensory, and cognitive development. Experts in the field of child development and education can assure parents that arts and crafts for your kid is a good introduction for school. Since preschools usually give kids arts and crafts activities, teach your child before they enter the academic life.

How Arts and Crafts Help in Child Development

Some may think that arts and crafts are activities for fun or just part of someone’s hobbies. However it isn’t just for fun and a personal hobby, also it helps in child development. Below are the reasons as to why arts and crafts help in child development.

Thinking Process

Since arts and crafts have instructions and directions, this is going to test your kid’s thinking and analyzing skills.


Artsy activities can awaken your toddler’s creativity. This is where you’ll know if they are naturally gifted in the creative area of the brain.

Sensory Skills Development

Since this is an activity where they will encounter various shapes, sizes, and textures their sensory skills are also being enhanced. Arts and crafts mostly help in the child’s sense of sight and touch.

Emotional-Social Development

An arts and craft activity can be done in a group. A project can be worked out by a certain team. Let your child do arts and crafts activities with the other children in the neighborhood to practice their socializing skills.

12 Arts and Crafts Activities for Kids

Now that you know how arts and crafts activities help in the development of your child, here are ideas of what activities your child can engage in.

  1. Sponge Painting

All this activity needs are a sponge that comes in different shapes and various paint colors.  Sponge painting is more like a stamping activity where your child gets to create an artwork by stamping the sponges dipped in paint on a paper or any object that can be designed.

  1. Mask Painting

You can buy masks on any art store then start a simple activity of mask painting with your child. Through this activity, parents can also teach their children the different parts of the face.

  1.  Tin Can Telephone

Make tin can telephones together with your kids. After this, you can enhance and test your child’s communicating skills with this activity.

  1.  Paper Collage

The key material for this arts and crafts activity is a paper puncher. Use a paper puncher on various colored paper. Collect the punched papers, and by the use of it, you can create an image on a paper. There are also punchers that have a different shape other than a circle.

  1.  Easter Egg Painting

The perfect kiddy activity every Easter Day, where each child helps the Easter Bunny gather up Easter eggs. Although this is fun make sure to take good safety measurements while letting your child do this activity because they might break the egg. Inspire your child to awaken their creativity for a memorable first self-made Easter egg.

  1. Eggshell Mosaic

If ever the unfinished Easter egg is still available but already broken you can still use the shells in this activity. Dip the shells in different colors, paste it on paper, and your child can create a mosaic out of it. This is also a way of showing your child how to recycle things and that anything can be made into a work of art.

  1. Greeting Cards

In every occasion, engage your child to always create greeting cards of their own. Make this as an occasional activity for your family. You can also teach your child how to draw and write while doing this arts and crafts activity. It can also help in building the bond between parents and child especially on occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and so on and so forth.

  1.  Clay Sculpture

This activity is also an example of sensory play ideas for babies since their tactile sense is being encouraged when sculpting through clay.  Their cognitive and creativity skills are enhanced especially if parents let them play and create on their own.

  1. Paper Planes

Most children have gone through this part of their lives. Creating paper planes has shared a page for most childhood memories. Once you already taught your child how to make paper planes then expect that they’ll be making more.

  1.  Nature Painting

Teach your child how to be resourceful by letting them use leaves and flowers for painting. Allow your child to roam around your yard and find something from the environment which they can use for painting.

  1. Hands and Feet Painting

You are going to need a large paper where your child can paint with the use of both hands and feet. Parents or even the whole family can join in this arts and crafts activity. The toddler’s sensory skill is also being encouraged through hands and feet painting.

  1.  Necklace and Bracelet Making

There are different necklace and bracelet bead set at children’s toy stores that you can give your child. This may just be possible if your toddler is a girl, allow them to design their own accessories and encourage their creativity. This can teach them patterns, be familiar with different colors what goes with red or yellow, and try out several other designs for their accessories.

Allow your toddler to explore their creativity; this is a nice start for your kid in being open-minded to various ideas. Feed their minds with colors, shapes, sizes, textures, designs, and patterns in order for them to be knowledgeably abundant. Experience is the best teacher that is why you have to let your child engage more arts and crafts activities every other day. Spec Kid Club can help you with other child development concerns that you want to be clear with.