Gross Motor Skills Development for a 6-9 Months Old

Every single move your baby makes is adorable through and through. Even their tiny movements can lighten up the whole family, and the little bundle of joy gets happy to see smiling faces in front of them. The little body of sunshine will be more and more active while they are reaching each milestone of gross motor skills development, be full of energy because they are going to keep asking you to play with them.

Gross motor skills development
in infancy has different milestones each month. New skills per month but sometimes they gain an ability that will improve each stage. Their gross motor skills and physical development are changing at the same time so guide your baby in the physical change in infancy if you don’t want the development to be delayed.

Milestones of Gross Motor Skills Development

Gross motors skills are actions that use the whole body. This requires the coordination of hands and feet because the large muscles are of use. A 6-9 months old infant has achieved gross motor skills when they are already three months old. Since babies are just discovering unfamiliar abilities they enjoy using it more making them active and enthusiastic all the time; the developing child will be moving here and there so be of guide to them to keep them away from danger. 

In the video that you recently watched the infant was crawling her way to reach the toys that are not within her reach, and that is an example of how much an infant’s gross motors skills have already developed. Children may have different development phase, but the abilities are always in sequence. The first gross motor skills development happens first in the upper body until the lower extremities. Here are the milestones your child will meet at the age range of 6-9 months old.

  •         Lifting their head and chest when on their belly.
  •         Legs are getting stronger. This is when they are trying to stand on their own but still needs support.
  •         Rolling over back and forth is already easy for them.
  •         Your baby can now sit alone; however you still need to support them somehow.
  •         Starts to crawl.
  •         Tries to move forward by scooting.

Activities for Improving Gross Motor Skills Development

This is going to be a form of exercise for your baby however it should not be that tiring. Physical play child development is needed to encourage your child’s gross motor skills development. A fun game with your baby will be exercising their bones and muscles.

Your baby will keep asking you to play with them when their gross motor skills are discovered by them. Be there for them, ready your energy and patience to keep up with how energetic your child will be. To keep your child enthusiastic with their new acquired skills here are some activities that parent and child can bond through it.

  •         Build their own camp on the floor with your made up obstacles. Let your baby play with games that requires the whole body to move. A camp with an obstacle will train their crawling skills, or this could lead your child to try to stand by holding on furniture or holding your hands.
  •         Parents can surround them with toys but not that near to them and also not that far. Let them have their way on how they can reach for it.
  •         To further enhance their gross motor skills teach them to dance or some simple movements and play music to make this music even more fun.
  •         Consider the importance of free play for a child. Give them their own time, space, and opportunities to move their muscles more.

Your baby will continue to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. Keeping tabs on them is important, and it is significant to know what skills they finally acquired at a certain time. Spec Kid Club can help you know what changes and struggles your child will experience.