Baby Fine Motor Development | 9-12 Months

February 22, 2019

Baby Fine Motor Development | 9-12 Months

Fine motor skills
are the small movements your baby is capable of doing. The small movements they can finally do are grabbing objects, picking objects, turning pages of a book, sit on their own, and they can coordinate their eye movement with their hand movement. Parents are a great help with their child’s fine motor skills development because they are the ones they interact with every day.

At this age range, your baby is beginning to be much more active than their 6-9 months old fine motor skills development. Play-based learning is recommended to keep the development of fine motor skills. When they play they move and use their cognitive skills at the same time. Activities that are based on games enable them to use their fine motor skills. This does not just help in the fine motor skills development but also the physical and cognitive skills.

The Milestone of Fine Motor Skills Development

In the video, the infant can now already hold a book, turn its pages and focus on the pictures in the book. Also, we can see that the baby has a better sitting position; they have minimal back and forth rocking movements, unlike in the past months. 9-12 months old babies have much better control with their hands and eyes, they can now move it accordingly and this is their first milestone in reading books. To know more of what your child is going to be capable with when they reached 9-12 months old here are the following characterizations:

Book Page Turning

As what you have seen in the video, children at this age range can now coordinate the movement of their eyes and hands. Turning a few pages and pictures inside the book are catching their attention.

The Difference Between The Right and Left Hand

They are beginning to be aware of the dominant hand they use. This does not mean that they already know the difference between the two, but this is the first step of their awareness.

Finger Foods

Giving them finger foods is already okay. You can now serve them with fruits, candies, chocolates, or any baby treats that are safe for the digestion of your baby. Just place a plate of food near them and let them grab food from it. Consider the size of the finger food that you will plate out for them make sure that they can easily bite into it.

With Just One Hand

Infants can hold two things at the same time with just one hand. You can observe this while they are playing with toys and while they are eating.

Gathering Objects

Babies know how to put objects inside a container. This shows how they have control with their fine motor skills for they can grab and pick objects already. Maybe this is part of how they are curious about what would happen if they put something inside a container. With the developing cognitive skills of the infant, they are experimenting with what they are curious about.


Let a baby be alone sitting on a chair with a table in front of them, papers and crayons on top then observe. It is based on a study that at the age range of 9-12 months old infants can hold a crayon with a fisted grasp, but you have to guide their hands on how to use the crayon.

Small Pincers

They don’t just know how to grab, but they also can pinch objects already. Using their pointing and thumb finger in pinching objects is part of the fine motor skills development of a 9-12 months old infant.

Passing The Object Between Hands

When they are playing with a toy in hand babies will pass the toys in between their two hands. Your baby is already mastering the use of their hands; you can still improve it by play based learning such as passing the ball to one person.

If you happen to notice these characterizations, then your child is on the right path. However, if your child has slow development, you can try infant toys for development and play-based learning activities. For any parenthood and child, development concerns visit us at, and we are willing to help more than ever.