Baby Fine Motor Development | 6-9 Months

Babies are considered as tiny human beings that brings light and warmth in each family house. Every action that they do is cute in its own way especially when they reached the stage of 6-9 months old infant fine motor skills development. The tiny gestures they do especially when they know now how to smile when you are calling their name is a heart warmer that you cannot resist.

The developing child is going to be much active within this age range. Parents and child are hands in hand in handling the development. It is important to be of a guide because even though fine motor skills are an only small movement, it can still endanger your baby especially that they can grab objects already.

6-9 Months Old Infant Fine Motor Skills

Infants in this age range are more active, and they may not start speaking yet, but you are going to have a lot of difficulties for the small movements that they can do. With the improvement of an infant’s fine motor skills it is not just the tiny actions that will begin, but also the social and emotional development milestone is affected.

Just like what you have seen in the video the baby can already smile at someone, eye and hand movements are now coordinated, they can recognize an object placed near them and grab it in a sweeping movement of their four fingers. These are the child’s characterization of having development with fine motor skills. Social skills activities for infants are now advisable, and it will be a good strategy to get them close with other family members that they haven’t interacted with yet.

Activities for 6-9 months old Infant Fine Motor Skills Development

Infants are curious with almost everything that they see and encounter. Keep an eye on what they are holding, don’t let any sharp and harmful objects lying around the floor your baby might get curious with it and harm them in the end. Also at this age range babies examine an object by the use of their hands and mouth. Be careful of what your child might see around the house if they happen to get a hold of small objects they might swallow it. Make sure there aren’t sharp and harmful objects near your baby when it’s playtime.

Engage them in activities where they can learn what to grab and not grab. To further enhance your child’s fine motor skills you need to create some activities where they can learn and enjoy at the same time. This is why play-based learning is important, babies would think that they are only playing but as they grow up the memory is retained, and the objectives of the game are unconsciously applied in their daily life.

Here are some activities that you may try to enhance and train a 6-9 months old infant fine motor skills development:

Pass The Ball

Your child can now grasp an object that’s why you can quickly teach them this game. Just pass the ball to them and show your baby a gesture for them to give it back to you. However, do small movements when playing with your child to avoid accidents. For a much safer playtime use something soft to pass on, for example, good socks and cloth formed into a ball. You can also roll the object that is going to be passed on instead of throwing it so that it may be accident-free.

Making Sandcastles

Take your baby to the beach and let them help you create sand castles. The small movement they can improve here is when they are going to do raking movements. Infants sweeping movements can be enhanced with making sandcastles; their hands can grab or sweep sand to help you create sand castles. But be sure that your child is going to grab sand without hidden sharp objects in it. Before picking a spot check out for harmful objects that your baby might touch, put in their mouth, or sit on.

Pick or Drop

This is a play based learning activity for your child.  You are going to be the main player for this game, and your baby will assist you. Play this game when you are already cleaning the mess your child created after playing. This is what you need to do the safe objects are what the baby is going to pick, and the harmful objects are what the mother is going to pick. If your baby happens to pick up a harmful object rush to them and they will lose the game, but if they drop it, the game continues. The baby might comprehend what to pick and not to pick.

Grab The Stuff

The procedure of this game is easy; you have to place a toy or any infant-friendly object near them. The baby needs to grab the object immediately if not you need to take it away from the baby. Just continue doing this to train them from grabbing objects with the help of their four fingers. No one wins in this game this is to enhance how your infant’s eye focus, and how they use their hands to pick up objects.

A parent is not just someone who gave birth and someone who provides for their babies, but they are also their number one playmate. Assure that when it is playtime, your child is safe from what they’re going to hold and put in their mouth. Spec Kid Club can give you more activities that can help you with your child, play-based learning is what we recommend for your children’s development.