Strengthening The Bond Between Parents and Child

Each family in this world has its way of getting along with each other. Parents and child already had a certain bond even before the baby is born. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I tend to talk to her at times. I share what happened to my day as if she will talk back. Until now, I still do it, and my child enjoys my company more than ever.

As soon as I knew I was pregnant, my husband and I read books about first-time parents. We were so nervous and excited about becoming parents. Both of us want to be the parents our child wished for before she was born. But, I have learned that the best way to be a good parent is fully knowing your child through bonding with them.

Why are Parents and Child Bonding Important?

Having a tight relationship with your child has a lot of positive effects on the family as a whole and to your toddler. Sharing positivity in the entire household is an excellent environment for your child to grow up to. For my three-year-old daughter, we make sure that I shower her with good vibes and care.

An association thought of a program called “Building Blocks for a Healthy Future.” This is implemented by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration which the main objective is to know how family bonding can avoid the emotional and behavioral problems of one person. Here are the reasons what makes parents and child bonding essential to one’s mental and emotional health.

Love: As a mother, I make sure that my daughter knows that she is loved. I do not let a day pass by that I don’t tell her I love her. Making someone feel loved gives them a personality boost. They even become confident with themselves.

The developing child
will soon become aware of different emotions. Children become more expressive about what makes them happy and frustrated. So be attentive towards your child. When my child throws a tantrum because we don’t give her enough attention she thinks that we don’t love her anymore. Before she even thinks deeply, we assure her that we love her by reading to her one of her favorite stories. A child needs their parents to show their love for them; this is enough to make them happy.

Simple Things: even at a young age I teach my child how to appreciate the simple things in life. When you spoil your child with toys or treats to make up for the broken promise last time this can badly affect their behavior. A child will tend to ask for extravagant things instead of appreciating what’s already there.

This will not happen to your child if instead of buying them material things bond with them as soon as you got home. A child should not be too exposed to material things at such an early age. There is nothing wrong with buying toys for your kids don’t use it for compensation sake.

: is a virtue that is first learned at home. When your child spends a lot of time with you, they will learn how to respect others. In our household, I always remind my daughter it is a must to respect someone older than her. She’s still a toddler who speaks first without thinking, so I scold her every time she says something somewhat disrespectful or offending to others.

Respect is a value that is commendable to teach your child while they are still young. For this reason, they will grow up along with this value. Parents should be the first persons to teach them how to respect. This is why bonding between parents and child is significant, for your child to learn different virtues, values and enhancing their effective development.

Activities for Strengthening the Bond between Parents and Child

My husband and I became even happier with our marriage when our first child came. Our daughter is our little bundle of joy; that is why we make sure that we also give her happiness. Every day is a family day even if the bonding only lasts for twenty minutes because of our working schedule. Here are some of the family activities we do despite the situation that my spouse and I both work for the family.

  1. Talking

At the age of three, my child is already talkative. She always asks questions that makes her even more adorable. When I finished working, I always go straight to her and share what happened to our day. Talking with your child makes them more comfortable with you. When they grow up, they will be open about their self, and you’ll share a parent-best friend kind of relationship with them. This is also a good example of language activities for toddlers. Make sure to do this every day or at night. A ten-minute talk with each other is already enough if time is the problem. Communication is the most effective kind of affection.

  1.  Eating is a Family Get Together

Eating with the whole family can make a child feel that the house is full of positivity. Sharing good food and joyous laugh is great scenery in each household. This is where they can share each other’s day, tease a family member, and opening up what a person is going through. Also, the food tastes even better when you are surrounded by people who radiate good energy.

In our house, no one will start eating until every family member is on the table gave the circumstances. Your child who is a picky eater on the table will begin to look forward to breakfast, lunch, and dinner if a happy family is there. This may result in a healthier appetite.

  1. Go Out on Trips

This may be out of town or just around your city. Giving your child your time is a gift that can make their heart full. Introduce them to places that are new to them. Show them the beauty of the place you live in. This can enhance your child’s social-emotional development. The most recommended places where you can bring your child are to beaches, mountains, zoo, and amusement parks.

As for my child, she loves amusement parks. She loves colorful places. My husband and I when we find a time we bring our daughter to amusement parks and zoos. When we only have a day we stroll around the mall. However, we don’t let our child be accustomed to malls since this might lead her to be too materialistic at a young age. It is better to bring them to places where they can enhance their physical and cognitive development.

  1. Music

The quote “music is the language of the soul” is very well known by people. Through music, people get connected harmonizing and beating with the same tempo. Being connected to your child using music is like being one in the soul.

I let my child learn different nursery rhymes and children’s song. Sometimes we sing this together with my husband. My daughter creates cute dances while singing. Our bodies become full of endorphin when we all enjoy the same music, and dance to the beat.

  1. Reading Books

Parents and child can either enjoy this at home or go to the nearest library. This is the perfect parents and child bonding when the only time you have with each other is the night. Read your child’s favorite storybook before they go to sleep.

Even before I gave birth to my child, I already read books to her. I let her listen to my voice while she’s still inside my womb. Up until now, my daughter asks for my husband or me to read a story for her. It is also a good example of speech and language development activity. This will allow your child to be familiar with words and your voice.

These are some of the activities you can do to strengthen the bond in the family. Do not let your child grow up feeling unloved because of the lack of attention you give them. I, as a parent, never want my child to feel that way. Material things are not what they need. The love, attention, and care of a parent are what they certainly desire at their age. If you have any parenting concerns that trouble you Spec Kid Club can help you.