Little Friends: Pets For Your Kids

February 23, 2019

Little Friends: Pets For Your Kids

Children will love to explore pieces of stuff they don’t usually see at home. Allow your child to explore by starting in introducing them to the animal kingdom. Cartoon characters nowadays are mostly referenced from animals. This leads to kids to be familiar with some of the little friends from the animal kingdom. To make an introduction to the animal kingdom even more exciting for them try to provide pets for your kids. These little friends can even help in the development of your child.

Pets for your kids
should depend on your child. Consider them first before buying or adopting one. However, if your family is ever ready to welcome a new member then better ready your kid for the exciting experience they will encounter. Parents and child will both enjoy having pets inside the house. Welcome the new family member that can add up to the warmth you feel at home.

Things to Consider Before Adopting Pets for Your Kids

It’s going to be an exciting phase to your whole family when given a chance to have a pet in the household. However, some things should be taken into consideration. This is to avoid future problems that may affect your family especially your child’s health.

  1. Allergies: check the whole family if there is anyone who is allergic to fur. Although your child may have an allergy, letting them interact with furry animals at a young age can enable them to overcome the allergy. The main point here is the other members of the family who will have a bad time dealing with fur.
  1. Your Child’s Age: if your child is just a month old, giving them a pet is not yet recommendable. Wait until your child is a year old so that it is a bit easier to introduce them to the animal kingdom. Also, they can interact with the animal directly if their motor skills are already at half of its development.
  1. Respect your Child’s Choice: before adopting or buying pets for your kids, you have to ask them first if they want to own one or not. Some kids will cry out loud at the sight of animals they are scared of. You have to know first which animals they like to have in the house to avoid traumatic experience at such an early age.
  1. Parental Guidance: make sure that someone will guide your child in interacting with their pets. Pets for your kids are yes, harmless but it is still good to be assured that nothing can ever go wrong between the two. Accidents mostly happen at unexpected times. Be sure to be on guard. However, pets for kids are easily tamed just make sure that your child won’t do something that can irritate their pets.

Pets for Your Kids

Now that you have been reminded of the things in need of consideration, you can now decide which of these little friends can be perfect for your child and the whole family.

  1. Dog- the man’s best friend, almost all the houses in the neighborhood have dogs. These sweet, loyal, fun-loving, and obedient furry friends are perfect for your child for they will match each other’s playfulness. Dogs can also be your kid’s guard when you go on a night out. They will surely love your child and protect them as if they are their own. Just choose a breed that you think is best for the whole household. There are a lot of various breeds with different sizes to choose from.

However, do not forget to take the dog to the vet to get vaccinations. This is to avoid rabies and further problems with the dog’s growth. Also, remind your child to be cautious of how they interact with their pets for they might irritate them. Dogs being irritated might lead them to bite or scratch whoever they see.

  1. Cats- felines may look uptight and timid but they are the sweetest and loyal pets ever been adopted. If your child is a timid one then a cat is a perfect fit for them. Cats love to cuddle and casually play with their owner when they are in the mood. Some breeds may be high maintenance to take care of but it’s all worth it all for the cute sweet fur ball. They are the types of pets who are independent and love to be on their own. Your only responsibilities to them are their litter box, enough food, water, weekly grooming, and love.

Cats may love to cuddle and play, but your child should be taught that they are also capable of scratching and biting. When a cat gets too excited, they tend to scratch the person they are playing with. Teach your kid to be sensitive with their pet cat.

  1. Fish- if you are scared of giving dogs or cats as pets for your kids then stick with a fish preferably a goldfish. These citizens from the sea are calm, quiet, and lovely to observe. All you need is a good aquarium with enough space for them.  Also, they are easy to feed; they are just going to need your child’s love and attention. They are fascinating to look at when they are a school of fish especially if different colors transcends from each one.

Just remember to clean the water inside the aquarium twice a week. Give them enough inside the aquarium particularly when there are a lot of them. Do not put too much aquarium decorations to avoid suffocation. Also, do not overfeed them. Parents should take the responsibility of feeding the fishes until their child gets to understand how much a fish should eat in a day.

  1. Rabbit- furry friends who are sociable, playful, quiet, and timid at the same time. They are fond of being active because they are easily bored; that’s why rabbits are fun to play with. Although rabbits are active and friendly, there are times that they will be timid since they also love their personal space. Rabbit’s need a large space to play; that is why exercise pens are required inside the house. It is also a must to spay and neuter them to avoid aggressiveness and uterine cancer.

Rabbits are easily scared when they are carried or touched by surprise. They are good at holding grudges especially when they are dropped on the ground. Rabbits tend to aggressively get out of your hold when they are taken by surprise. Teach your child this one rule to avoid accidents and the rabbit having broken bones.

  1. Hamsters- truly a tiny ball of sunshine that will amaze your child. They may be nocturnal, but your child will certainly enjoy playing with them. However, hamsters have a short life span, so better take care of them gingerly to avoid a much earlier demise.

Hamsters are somewhat like rabbits but are more high maintenance to take care of. Also when getting startled, they tend to bite or scratch the person holding them. Just make sure to keep an eye on your kid when they are playing with their hamster. Do not let them play with too much excitement.

Pets for your kids can teach them how to be considerate, responsible, and appreciative at an early age. Furry or scaly animals have the right to be loved and taken care of once adopted. Teach your kid this lesson so that they could bring their love for animals when they grow up. This can lead to your kid to be earth-friendly and environmentally wise.