Kid Activities for Girls

February 25, 2019

Kid Activities for Girls

Most women always dreamt of having a baby girl they can bond with and make themselves there number one best friend. Bonding with your mini self is going to be an exciting part of your everyday life once you gave birth to them. Mothers prepare a bunch of kid activities for girls that they can enjoy together or even with the participation of their father. Parents and child enjoy each other’s company through activities; for this reason, the bond strengthens.

Kid activities for girls are full of giggles and cute actions rather than being physically active. Although kid activities for girls are all about the cute stuff always remember that your little princess can be physically active too. Parents can give their tiny lady creative toys for girls to go with the kid activity that they will do for the day. Provide them with activities that can enhance their sensory, physical, emotional, and cognitive skills. Let the princess explore and learn their creative side. Also in the kid activities for girls that you will carry out on them teach your child to be physically active for further enhancement with their gross motor and fine motor skills. Also, being physically active can help your baby girl be healthy inside and outside. Don’t be afraid just let your treasured princess explore and experience what their small world offers. Experience will always be the best teacher for the developing child.

Girly and Outgoing Kid Activities for Girls

Every mini carbon copy of each mother in this world are different in their own way. Some are girly, others will be timid, and for some physical activities are much fun for them. This is why providing them with kid activities for girls is essential for this will be a way for you to know what interest’s your little princess and what is not their thing.

Below is a list of both girly and outgoing kid activities for girls that you can try out with the little lady of the house.

  1. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is the most common activity for girl toddlers that can also be played by boys, an activity that will enhance their focusing skills and physical development. You can let your child draw the hopscotch stepping stones for their creativity’s sake.

  1. Flower Bracelet and Necklace

Let your child learn how to be resourceful at such a young age. Use small flowers and create a chain from them. Your little girl will surely love this activity because of the colorful and charming flowers. They can either make a chain for a necklace or for a bracelet.

  1. Paint Balloons

Instead of filling up a balloon with water, fill it up with paint. Then play dodge the balloon with your kid, the burst of colors can excite them. Maybe instead of dodging the ball, they’ll have fun being colorfully hit.

  1. Felt Flower Crown

Cut out cute flowers from various colored felt papers and help your baby girl craft their own flower crown. Partner this with the already made flower bracelet and necklace. Make her feel like a cute tiny fairy for the day.

  1. Balance Beam

Set up your DY balance beam inside your house or front yard by the use of masking tape, cloth, and wood. This kid activity for girls can help them practice their balance. Also, the balance beam is an exciting activity especially if played with other girls of her age.

  1. Sock Puppets

Help your child create their favorite cartoon character with a sock. Parents and child can also do role playing with the use of the sock puppets then re-enact their favorite bedtime story or cartoon show. Their creativity and effective development will be positively affected by this activity.

  1. Stop Dance

Allow your child to discover their inner dancer in them but with a twist. Play good upbeat music let your bubbly girl dance away until you push the stop button. Everyone should stop moving; this is a fun social activity for your child since this can even be played on kiddie events.

  1.  Window Art

Grab anything that can be designed on a window such as colored papers, washi tapes, cellophane, and so forth. Let their creativity be activated at an early age just by simply giving them indoor creative activities. Furthermore, window art can make colors even more recognizable for them.

  1. Hot Potato

A thrilling game that can be played by more than two players and the main object of this activity is the hot potato. This can either be just a stuffed toy, socks, a softball or any soft object that can be passed around a circle of kids. Pass the potato repeatedly until the music stops, the last kid who’s got a hold of the hot potato is out. This game will be filled with fun screams and laughter.

  1.  DIY Dress Accessories

Let your child design their favorite dress; add some details to it. However, parents must guide their child when attaching beads or feather accessories on the dress while using glue guns; otherwise your child might get burned because of the glue gun.

  1.  Jump Rope

Get a partner to hold the other end of the rope so that your child can have fun having the jump of their life. Also, your child can bring along their best friend for they can jump together at the same time.

  1. Bottle Beads

Your little princess can design their own colorful bottle through filling it up with colorful beads of different shapes and sizes. This is also a fine example of sensory activities for toddlers and infants.

  1.  Follow the Leader

The mini carbon copy of yours can follow your footsteps since this game follows the leader. Your child will copy whatever you are about to do, and they’ll lose if they fail to imitate you well. Follow the leader can test and try your toddler’s thinking process and focus.

  1. Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Whenever winter and Christmas are nearly approaching your child can do this cute activity. This arts and crafts only requires popsicle sticks, glitters, and glue. Your small princess will love the product of this activity because who would not love snowflakes right? Also, this can add up to your child’s excitement with the upcoming holiday seasons.

Cute baby girls may be the little princess of your house now but growing up is soon enough. That is why as long as they are the walking sunshine of your life bond with them before you go crazy when they hit puberty. Spec Kid Club is a helping hand to you and the little lady of your house with concerns about parenting and childcare.