Kid Activities For Boys

February 25, 2019

Kid Activities For Boys

Kid activities are what makes childhood a fun one for each young individuals. An aspect of childhood that almost everyone wants to go back to for the reason that the only thing kids are bothered with is what games they are going to play for the day. Being carefree, playful, and lighthearted are the characteristics of children that adults envied and wished they never took it for granted.

Young boys are almost playing every day even at school; it will make you wonder where do they get and store all those energies. Kid activities for boys are fun to play and full of excitement. Let your baby boy have fun while they are young get them going every day. This can also make your child immune to several diseases and helps in the enhancement of the stages of physical development in humans.

14 Exciting Kid Activities for Boys

Parents and child are each other’s playmates in the first few months and the first year of the infant. After that, your child can make friends with the kids from your neighborhood or school. There are quite a lot of kid activities that you can give your children such as emotional development activities, physical development activities, feelings activities for toddlers, cognitive development activities, sensory activities for toddlers and infants, and language activities for toddlers.

Kid activities for boys help your little man be more physically active and a walking ball of energy. Here are ten exciting kid activities for your little prince where they can have fun with you or with their playmates.

  1. Water Balloon Fight

A boy toddler likes kid activities wherein the physical body is of use. Just fill up balloons with water and let them play in a safe space where it’s okay to be splashed by water. This is also a good summer activity especially when the climate is scorching hot. Your little man can bring along his friends to make more enjoyable and thrilling for them.

  1.  Mud Splash

Create your own mudslide in your backyard. Kid activities for boys should involve energy draining actions, and mud splash activity requires one. This is where your kid slides down a tunnel full of mud then at the end of the slide he should throw a pile of mud to someone who is next to take on the slide. The whole family can even join this activity as long as you can build a bigger mud splash slide.

  1. Fish Race

Cut out small fishes from colored papers then grab a hand fan or anything that can give wind to the fish cut out. The hand fan will help the fish move through fanning the fish and the first one who will reach the finish line wins. Also, include prizes to motivate them even more.

  1. Bubble Wrap Walk

Pop as many bubbles as you can from bubble wraps. Place some bubble wraps on the floor then let your child step on it. This can also be a contest of whoever pops all the bubbles from their designated bubble wrap first is the winner of the prize.

  1. Paintballs

Water balloons have already been mentioned this time we are going to use paint instead of water. Colors will burst out of the balloon when your child is going to attack the opponent. It will entertain your child because of the color burst they will witness. However as fun, as it may seem, remember to use paints that are not harmful on the external and internal part of their body.

  1. Dominos


Kid activities should be thrilling for your child and playing dominos is a perfect fit for that. Playing dominos brings a thrill to the game because you’ll never know when the dominos will fall one by one. No matter how careful you are dominos still tend to break their line.

  1. Cart Racing

This is possible if you can build your own cart to use for racing. You can also buy carts or simply recycle boxes and turn them into carts that can be pushed or pulled.

  1. Paint Gun

Improve the usual water gun activity. Use paint rather than water; your kid will have more fun with this activity because of what they will look like when the game ends. Just make sure to look out for each child the whole activity to avoid hitting sensitive parts of the body especially the eyes and the ears. Remind your child where to hit and not to hit or they will be disqualified the whole duration of the game.

  1. Stack Cups

This kid activity can help your child improve their hand and eye coordination. Their thinking skills are also tested as to how they will stack the cups fast and adequately. A fun indoor activity when the weather is not good outside.

  1. Lego Blocks

Let your little mechanic build their favorite robot character through the use of Lego blocks. Allow them to think about what other objects can be formed with Lego blocks; this can improve their thinking process and creativity.

  1. Tissue Papers

Have an extra stock of tissue papers that your child can play with. Just let them have their way on how they are going to play with the use of tissue papers. It’s either they will throw it around or tear it up into pieces.

  1.  Play Dough

Widen your child’s creativity by giving them clay to form various objects. Use other tools such as molders to make it easier for your toddler.

  1. Indoor Bowling

Grab used water or soda bottles that can be recycled into bowling pins. Use a ball that is close enough with a bowling bowl but lighter than it. Set this up on your living room where it is safe for your child to play. Invite kids from the neighborhood for further fun and excitement. Kid activities can surely wake your kid’s competitiveness but make sure that it is in a good way.

  1. Paper plate Memory Game

Gather up paper plates then draw an assortment of objects in some plates. Place the plates and scatter the ones with drawings on it. Let the child see what objects were drawn and similar to each other after that turn the paper plates down so that your kids won’t see where the similar plates are placed. Shuffle the plates and let your child choose the plate where they think the object is and where is it’s a partner.

Be as active as your little man so that they can enjoy their childhood with the activities you will give them. Let them use their walking energy of a body until they pass out and sleep through the night. Nothing is more fulfilling than playing all day for your little boy.  Spec Kid Club can lend a hand to you and your handsome little gentleman with parenting and childcare concerns.