House Responsibilities for Little One's

Children won’t be children for the rest of their lives. As each day goes by, they are getting closer to being teenagers until adulthood. For this reason, it is significant to teach your children to be responsible even at a young age. Let us start off with household chores. Parents and child may have a bit of argument because of this. Just remember that you still have the upper hand as a parent. However, do not burden or pressure them. The right amount of household chores lesson is needed.

My daughter is only three years old that is why I still don’t give her heavy chores. When I wake her up in the morning, I let her help me fix her bed. Start off with simple household chores. Bit by bit, they’d get the hang of it. This is important to their affective development. Give them the impression that it is fun to do and not burdensome.


How Does Household Chores Affect The Developing Child?

Teaching your child household chores is a good example of stimulating activities for 5-year-olds. It is a perfect exercise for both brain and body. Through household chores, toddlers get to have a glimpse of their duties in the near future. This is also a way of not spoiling your kid. Make them realize that even if they are young they are not entitled to not do chores. Life is not all about play. That is what your child should have in mind. You should have the assurance that your kids just not grow physically healthy but also character wise.

According to Jim Fay, an expert in terms of parenthood and founder of Love and Logic Website, humans need to feel that they are needed including children. Even at a young age, kids with their ongoing emotional development stages they will probably think about this. Let them feel that they can help and they have a purpose. Never make them feel that they are not capable.

Make Learning Household Chores Fun

This can be a great parent and child bonding. Our family conducts a general house cleaning once a month. Since we are only three in the family, our child also joins us. She finds this fun, because she always tells us that as long as mommy and daddy are with her. Now, how do you make learning household chores fun for your kids?

Storytelling while Cleaning

Tell them the story of Cinderella. The beautiful character who is known for her transformation from rags to riches. When it comes to the part of the story that Cinderella starts doing household chores, engage your child to act the scene with you. Just let her curiosity go on. However, this method is only applicable to toddlers ages 3-5 years old.

Pick-up the Toys

As soon as your child gained the capability of standing up, walking, and grasping objects teach them to clean up after playing. Let this be a small competition wherein whoever gets the most number of toy wins. Once they get used to this they will have the initiative to do so.

Let Music Handle It

Dance the chores away! While wiping the floor or the windows teach a few dance moves to your child. They will definitely enjoy cleaning. Just push the play button and choose the right bop song. Parents and child won’t even feel tired while doing the chores. In the end, it will be tiring but fun.

Redesign Cleaning Tools

Create DIY cleaning tools that will catch your child’s attention. Turn rugs into animals, attach colorful papers on mops or make a feather duster look like a bird.

Household Chores For Each Age Range

There are appropriate household chores for each age range. It depends on how capable your child is. Of course, even though you are teaching them to be responsible you still need to consider their physical capabilities. Listed below are the household chores which can fit your child’s age.

Ages 2-3 Year Old

Morning Bed Routine: after waking up your child let them be accustomed to fixing the bed before going out for breakfast. It can also be a nice exercise to start off the day. Two to three-year-olds are already capable of standing up and grasping objects. Brighten up each morning with a nice nursery rhyme or children’s songs.

Clothes in The Hamper: a simple chore that your kid can certainly follow after undressing themselves.

Placing the Dishes on the Sink: this is an important dinner etiquette that I learned in our home. Teaching them to simply place the dishes on the sink shows them that self-service is important. Some restaurants, fast food chains, or school cafeterias require clean as you go rules. It is better to learn it at home first.

Picking Up Toys: a subtle way to educate your child to clean up after their own mess. Just like what I have mentioned set up a game while picking up toys. This will excite kids and cleaning up will be fun.

Ages 4-6 Year Old

Setting Up the Table: gather up the plates, spoon, fork, and water glasses. Let your child set the table on their own. However, they should be careful about how to hold utensils and plates. In addition, it is not yet time to allow them to hold a knife.

Meal Preparations: easy meals for kids to prepare can also be taught through this household chore. “Bring me the” “Help me with” and “Beat the eggs” these simple instructions are easy to follow. Kids will find this fun. Preparing meals will prepare them for adulthood which requires them to be independent.

Laundry: not the entire laundry but you can just instruct them to sort out the colored clothes to the white ones.

Folding Clothes: after laundry, teach them how to fold clothes properly. You can also take it straight to the lesson of organizing socks, handkerchiefs, and washcloths.

Ages 7 and Above

Watering Plants: take them outside and educate them about the significance of plants in the environment. Outside chores are also a good way to expose them to nature and appreciate it at an early age.

Washing The Dishes: as long as you teach them to grasp dishes the proper way trouble won’t be on its way. This can be for the purpose when your children are alone at home. Busy parents can start this lesson when they have to leave town for business.

Mopping The Floor: another way to teach them how to clean up their own mess and be responsible.

Grocery Shopping: Help mommy and daddy buy necessities at home. They can also help in bringing grocery bags to the car. Children will be your little helpers.

Educating your child to do household chores at an early age isn’t bad as long as that it isn't forced. Once they get the hang of it, they will have the initiative to start doing chores. This is a little sneak peek to what lies ahead in the future. Teaching them to be responsible at an early age is a good child development practice. Children can bring this with them when they reach adulthood. Spec Kid Club can give you a hand in what to teach your child in preparing them for the bright future.