Family Fun with Backyard Activities

A family gets together is an important event for each. We shouldn’t take these moments for granted. Family comes first as always. There are several ways to have a fun family get together. One example is backyard activities. If the family is on a tight budget or lacks time to go out of town, then backyard activities are the perfect alternative. Gather the family around your backyard and have fun.

As a mother, I always make sure that my family gets to bond the whole day at least 3-4 times a month. Since my husband and I both have jobs, we don’t have that much time going out on a trip. Despite the busy schedule, we still find ways to bond with our daughter. We don’t waste the opportunity of having a backyard. Be resourceful. Otherwise, the family will only be dependent on money and what time they are most available.

Backyard Activities for the Whole Family

The developing child will not just have fun while playing; they will also be nurtured physically and emotionally. Making time for your kids despite your busy schedule can help strengthen the bond between parents and child. Being a working mother is hard but showing my child that she is my priority is a must. As I have mentioned, backyard activities helped my husband and me with this situation.

Listed below are the backyard activities you can try out with your family.

  1. Picnic

Wake up early then prepare food for the whole family. Take out that nice picnic blanket and picnic basket along. You can also let your child help in setting up the picnic area. Kids can even give a hand in preparing foods. Sit down, relax, and have a nice chit chat with the family. While having a picnic moment, you can also include literacy activities for infants and toddlers. This is to keep your picnic not idle.

  1. Obstacle Course

Build your obstacle course with boards and tunnels. This is a good example of physical play activities for toddlers. If you belong to a family of 4 or more members, then this activity can be a team-building activity. The family can be by partners or divide the family into 2 to three groups. Whoever has the fastest time to finish the obstacle course then they are the declared winner. Use any resource you can find at your home. Every material can be part of an obstacle course. However, consider the physical skills for toddlers.

  1. Gardening

Tend the flowers and plants in your backyard. Since your rest day is also the time to take care of the house might as well teach your child a thing or two. Educate your child even at an early age to nurture nature. Allow them to explore plants. This is an example of outdoor sensory activities for toddlers. Expose them to the environment even at the small space of the garden on your backyard. Also, you can teach them to plant their flower in a pot.

  1. Camping

Have no time to go out of town? To the mountains and camp? Then you can just set up the tent on your backyard. Night time is the perfect time to do this activity. Also, your family can try out making a campfire and enjoy marshmallows under the stars. Kids will enjoy camping if the music is involved. Teach them camping songs and camp activities.

  1.  Fishing for Toys

If you have an inflatable pool and a net, then you are good to go. Fill up the pool with enough water and take out your child’s toys. Pour the container of toys in the pool then scatter it around each area. Players should have each of their own nets. Catch the toys through the use of the net without crossing the drawn line beside the pool. This is a battle between parents and child but a whole lot of fun. Backyard activities are a good strategy for sensory play and brain development.

  1. Sensory Mud Play

Improving your child’s sensory skills is essential in child development. Sensory activities for toddlers and infants can be incorporated on backyard activities. Pour mud in an area and take out toys that you and your child can play with. If you are in doubt of how safe mud for your children sanitary then makes a DIY mud. Use crushed cookies or Oreos as an alternative for real mud. This is surely safe especially when kids unintentionally put their fingers inside their mouth.

  1. Treasure Hunting

Again, this is a battle between parents and child. Explore the whole backyard while searching for hidden treasures. You can also put questions or riddles in every place the treasure is hidden. The riddles should be answered first before they can move on and find the next out of sight object. It can either be teamwork or just by two’s.

  1. Bubbles

Bubble wands come in different shapes and sizes. Enjoy this activity with the whole family by flourishing bubbles around the backyard. This is a perfect summer activity that children will enjoy. Bubbles amaze children because they wonder how they come out of the wand. It’s like a magic wand releasing magic from its tip.

  1. Take The Dog for a Bath

The fluffy member of the family needs to take a bath once a week. Bring them on your backyard and ready the plant hose. Ready for a fun and wet experience with your child. However, you have to make sure that your child is in a safe distance in case the dog gets aggressive.

  1. Pick Up the Color

Place various objects around the backyard. This is somewhat like a scavenger hunt, but it is based on colors. The parent will say a color, and the child will search for the same-colored object. If you have 4 or more members of the family, then this can be a race. Backyard activities are a good way to practice physical skills for toddlers and their cognitive development stages.

Your backyard can be your child’s favorite play area. Take advantage of having a backyard and save your budget. There are many ways to strengthen and enjoy the bond between parents and child. Money should not always be involved. For more parenting advice visit our website Spec Kid Club. We are happy to be of help.