Camping Trip Activities for The Whole Family to Enjoy

Family bonding can be strengthened through activities whether it be indoors or outdoors, as long as the whole family is enjoying it. I always make sure that my family gets to bond with each other at least twice a week. My husband and I work this out despite having a busy schedule. We do not let our child feel that she is ignored. Sometimes we conduct camping trip activities with the whole family. We tend to take not just our family but also our relatives. Having fun outdoors is a better way to get to know each other.


I take camping trip activities as a way to teach my child to appreciate the simple life. Also, my husband and I treat this as an opportunity to get away from the toxic city life. Given the fact that nature offers numerous beautiful sceneries. Those fantastic landscapes and views are truly breathtaking and relieve stress. I want my child to appreciate nature at a young age. Camping trip activities are certainly useful with experience and child development.

Camping Trip Activities Contribution to Child Development

As a mother, I always want what’s better for my child’s well-being. Who wouldn’t right? The developing child needs all the support they can get to properly grow. Stated below are the contributions of camping trip activities on child development.

Sensory Skill Development

Taking your child outside can enhance their sensory skills even more. Whenever my family goes out for a camping trip, I allow my child to explore nature. I take her for nature walks where she can see, hear, smell, feel, and touch nature. Her sense of awareness is also enhanced through experience. It is also better to bring children outside the vicinity of urban places. This balances their health.


When my child is at home, she tends to use a mobile phone or watch television too much. I get uneasy with this idea since too much radiation exposure can affect my child’s eyesight. Also, when they stay indoors, they don’t get to have a chance to have a breath of fresh air. Allow your child’s senses to get accustomed to the feel of nature. When a child is nurtured by nature, their development excels.

Physical Skills Development

Camping trip activities are also a form of exercise for children. The nature walk activity can give a hand in encouraging their gross motor skills. Some children are innately playful, and one of them is my child. She gets excited with activities that she knows she will have fun. I allow my child to be physically active for the reason that this makes her happy and grow well. With the camping trip activities, my husband and I conduct she has gotten even closer to us.

Camping trip activities consist of long walks, games that require the use of the whole body, and a lot of joyous laughter. The more your child engages in physical activities; the more their body gets physically healthy. However, you must conduct activities that are age appropriate for your child.  Do not give them activities that are too extreme that we adults are capable of.


Social-Emotional Skills Development

When your child gets exposed outdoors, they become more outgoing and sociable. My child loves to socialize and be surrounded by people. If your child experiences more of the outside world, they become confident about themselves.

When we go out to camp, we are not the only family that camps in the vicinity. This is where my child learns to get along with people. Sometimes if there are kids the same age as her, they immediately become playmates. They enjoy camping trip activities together. Both gained experienced, development, and friendship.

Cognitive Skills Development

Experience is always the best teacher. This saying has been proven by a lot of people already. It is better to experience something first hand even to have a better knowledge about it. Toddlers are often curious about what they have seen on television or what they read in books. Giving them the opportunity to experience it can feed their minds and bring it along as they grow up.

Bringing your child in camping activities is food for the brain. They get to experience nature personally. An experience not just in books and shows. Parents should be with their child to guide them and answer their questions. Your child will be curious about the things they’ll encounter at camping trips.

7 Camping Trip Activities for the Enjoyment of The Whole Family

If you are a first-time parent and you want to bring your child out for fun, here are camping trip activities you need to try out.

  1. Nature Walks

This might be boring for adults, but kids who are inborn curious will love this activity. Letting them see what they are curious about will give them knowledge. Seeing mountains, trees, lakes, rivers, and the beautiful night sky is a perfect activity to make them appreciate nature.

  1. Swimming

Camping sites are usually near rivers and lakes. Take this as a chance to teach your child how to swim. Letting them learn how to swim at a young age is easier than when they are older. Swimming is a physical activity that can encourage your child’s gross motor skills. This activity will certainly help contribute to the stages of physical development in humans.

  1. Campfire with S’mores

The camping trip is not complete when there is no campfire with s’mores in hand. Enjoy the campfire in the midst of the cool and calm night. Sing along with your kids, teach them camping songs, and share stories. S’mores is a traditional camping food that is a must every trip. Toddlers will love this sweet delicacy consisting of chocolate, and marshmallow in between two crackers.

  1. Fishing

Your child might have seen people fishing in television shows, and they are curious about how to do it. Allow your child to join you and your husband when fishing. Understanding that your child is happy and excited about the first fish they caught will surely warm your heart.

  1. I Spy

This activity will test your child’s memory and recognizing skills. Their thinking skills will also be enhanced through this activity. Also, this the activity where you’ll get to know how much knowledge your child already gained.

  1. Treasure Hunt

In playing this activity, you must make sure that every kid included in this game will have a guardian. The camping site is a big area where your child can get lost while playing. However, after being reminded this activity can build your child’s socializing and thinking skills. Roaming around the camping site with a goal in mind will test their competitiveness. They’ll also get a chance to be closer with nature when they hunt for the missing objects.

  1. Watching The Starry Night Sky

Stars don’t show up that much when you are in urban areas. This is because of the light pollution caused by city lights. Stars are overpowered by city light making the sky clear. If your family happens to live in a city, a camping trip is a perfect way to see a sky full of stars.  Your child will be amazed at how a starry night sky looks like.


Give your child a nature experience even at a young age. Let them grow knowing nature’s worth and beauty. Camping trip activities will show more of your child. Let them have many experiences from childhood that they won’t forget even when they grow up. Spec Kid Club can give you a hand in parenthood and child development.