Hot or Cold: Foods That Your Kids Will Love

Parents love to make healthy meals for their children, and it warms their heart if their child is eating those meals without issues. Food that you know your child loves will already be on your weekly menu, but you hope that whatever new food you serve they will easily try and love. As your child grows their taste for food changes, so while they are young it is important to give them a different variety of foods to get them accustomed to eating a wide range of items. Thus, providing more opportunities for taking-in proper nutrition for development and growth.



Keep in mind that what you feed to your child will help them with the stages of physical development. Make foods that your kids will love but are healthy and fun to eat at the same time. These should be the kind of foods that can be served hot or cold that your child will eat enthusiastically.

Foods That Your Kids Will Love Served Cold

You are not just a parent; you are also an individual that has a responsibility outside of the house. Being a parent is not your only occupation, you are either someone’s employee or self-employed. Working for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week unfortunately causes a lack of time spent with family, making it difficult to serve a healthy hot plate of home cooked food. Despite being busy you still want to give your family the best food that can be cooked easily. 

There are easy to make meals that can be served cold that are scrumptious and healthy. You can even include your child in the making process. Including them is great for bonding and spending time together. Here are some ideas of easy to make meals that you can make and even when served cold, your child will love. Plus they will aid with maintaining a balanced diet necessary to keep your child healthy.

Chopped Fruits

Serving fruits can be easy, and it will just take a minute to chop and arrange them in a bowl. Buy a variety of fruits that can attract your kid with its different colors. Fruits contain nutrients that your child’s body need. For example, citrus fruits that are rich in vitamin C such as oranges, kiwis, and berries. There are also fruits that are rich in vitamin A which are apple, banana, apricot and cherries. To help keep your child enticed with eating the fruit, you can add a bowl of yogurt for them to dip their fruit in; doing so will provide them with both protein and calcium.  This is not only easy to serve; it is also healthy so that your child is taking in enough natural vitamins and minerals.


The easiest meal to make that can be done in a minute and does not need to be cooked. Just gather up the ingredients which include whole wheat or multi grain bread,  tomato, lettuce, spinach and whatever kind of meat your child enjoys (ham, turkey, chicken, tuna fish). Sandwiches are rich in nutrients and they are great for a balanced diet since they have carbohydrates, protein, and vegetables. Your kids can even learn to make them all by themselves. 


Salads are great, easy meals to prepare for the entire family. One large bowl, a variety of fruits and vegetables, plus a simple dressing. By including a variety of colored fruits and vegetables you will be enticing your child to eat more of the salad. Be creative by including raisins, baby corn, sunflower seeds and grapes to promote your child's interest. Also, you can substitute the dressing with hummus, which is a great source of protein, iron, folate and B vitamins. The nutrients found in the fruits and vegetables will help your child progress in the stages of physical development.  You can also add proteins such as chicken, hard boiled eggs, turkey and tuna fish to the salads.

Chicken Wraps

This is a meal that is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Like a sandwich, your wrap can include a variety of ingredients. The chicken in the wrap can be tenders, deli chicken, chicken breast slices or simply chicken nuggets. Grab a healthy tortilla such as spinach or whole wheat. Mayonnaise, freshly chopped lettuce, spinach leaves, tomatoes, avocado, cucumber and even fruits like mango or slices of grapes can be added to the wrap. All item in the wrap can be served cold, making an easy yet healthy meal for you child.

Even when your days are busy and you are unable to prepare a hot home cooked meal, you can still provide your child with a cold yet healthy alternative. Sandwiches, salads, and wraps can all be made in a matter of minutes and can be made to contain protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats as well as necessary vitamins for proper growth development. Fruits can be served as a side for each meal or be included in the combined ingredients. Your kids will also enjoy spending time with you while helping to make their own meals. By giving them the opportunity to help you and put the ingredients together, you will encourage independence and confidence. Spec Kid Club is here to help parents with tricks and tips for healthy developing kids. Visit us at for more information.