Easy Meals for Kids to Prepare

February 21, 2019

Easy Meals for Kids to Prepare

Easy meals for kids to prepare are a life saver when it comes to the busy day to day lives parent's live. Having your child learn how to prepare meals at home allows him or her to have a sense of responsibility and it helps to take a task of your daily to-do list. Preparing meals and cooking helps your child's cognitive development to enhance further.  

When you are teaching your child how to prepare his or her meals this is a great time to bond with your child. Your child will begin to learn about different pots and pans, utensils, and how to use the equipment in the kitchen. This will engage in their fine motor skills and cognitive development as you challenge them in their cooking skills. A great way to expand your child's eating habit is to allow them to try multiple types of food at a young age. Introduce and explain different fruits, vegetables, meats, and the ingredients list in each recipe. Let your child find the fun in easy meals to prepare so that they would want to continue doing the activity every day. 

Allowing your child to participate in activities that include household chores is a startup for your child with the upcoming responsibilities of being an adult.  The developing child may still lack skills in some areas, but as a parent, you can help them develop what abilities they are not capable of doing at the moment.

11 Easy Meals for Kids to Prepare


A common meal that is easy to make together with your child. It is up to you if you are going to use ready made pizza crust or you will include making the crust in the whole activity. However, you must be ready for the mess that this easy meal for kids to prepare recipe since there are a lot of ingredients that will be scattered. At first, just let your toddler watch you while making the pizza. Afterward, you can allow them to put toppings of the child’s chosen preference on their own pizza crust.

Chicken Parm Sliders

All you need is bread, chicken nuggets, cheese, and tomato paste. Parents and child can make as much as they can depending on the number of ingredients available at the moment. This can also be your toddler’s everyday snack that they can make by themselves if you are not at home.

Caramelized Candy Apples

If your child has a sweet tooth, then this meal is a perfect fit for them. It is healthy and fun to make at the same time. Toppings can also be added to caramelized candy apples for example crushed almonds, chocolate sprinkles or mini marshmallows.


One of the cooking methods that are easy to teach a toddler but with adult supervision is baking. This is going to be fun for your child since there are only three processes to follow. First mixing of ingredients, second forming the cookies on the container and the third waiting for it to be baked these processes will test your child’s skill to follow instruction and sequence. You can even let your child decorate the cookies in their own way so prepare decorative ingredients such as sprinkles, marshmallows, colored sugar, crushed peanuts, and so on.

Baked Macaroni

This meal is as easy as 1, 2, 3 for it is a common family dinner meal. Once you’ve taught your child how to make baked macaroni then if ever you are not available to make lunch or dinner for your toddler when they grow up older than they are now can prepare a meal of their own.

Banana Split

Your child will surely have fun doing this easy meal for kids since the ingredient will include ice cream. They can also decorate them the way the child wants. Better prepare various ice cream flavors where your child can choose from.

Pizza Toast

This is an alternative way of cooking pizza when there is no pizza crust. You can use normal loaf bread and the usual pizza ingredients then you are already good to go.

Cereal Trail Mix

To have a different breakfast rather than the usual cereals and milk prepare various sets of cereals that can be mixed. In a bowl pour all the cereals and mix it by the help of honey. Scoop a portion and form it into a ball then refrigerate until firm.

PB & J Sandwich

The sandwich for children may it be for breakfast, snack, or dinner is easy to make a meal perfect for your child. PB&J can either be toasted or not whichever your child prefers to eat. Although PB&J is a children’s sandwich, some kids don’t like the way it tastes so better to assure if your child wants PB&J before teaching them how to make this meal.

Fruit Kebabs

A healthy kebab for your kids is a perfect everyday snack. Let your child pick their own variety of fruit to complete the kebab. It is also a nice picnic or camping food if your kids have an activity at school.

Mini Waffle S’mores

A delightful snack that you can make with your child as a hobby or an everyday snack. There are available mini waffles at grocery stores but if there is none you can make the usual waffle size and cut it into quarters.


Just let your child have fun while learning. Let them acquire a memorable childhood that they will share with their future child. Also, they can share these recipes with other kids of their age and make it together too. Spec Kid Club can help you with other parenting concerns that you can’t get answers yet.