Easy Meals for Kids to Prepare

Easy meals for kids to prepare are a life saver when it comes to the busy day to day lives parent's live. Having your child learn how to help prepare meals at home allows them to have a sense of responsibility and encourages independence. Preparing meals and cooking also helps your child's cognitive development to enhance further, learning to understand sequence and variety.  

When you are teaching your child how to help prepare their meals you are providing a great time to bond with your child. Your child will begin to learn about different pots and pans, utensils, and how to use the equipment in the kitchen. This will engage them in their fine motor skills and cognitive development as you challenge them in their cooking skills. A great way to expand your child's eating habit is to allow them to try multiple types of food at a young age. Introduce and explain different fruits, vegetables, meats, and the ingredients listed in each recipe. Let your child find the fun in easy meals to prepare so that they will want to participate in this activity every day. 

Allowing your child to participate in activities that include household chores is a startup for your child with the upcoming responsibilities of being a teenager and down the road, a responsible adult. The developing child may still lack skills in some areas, but as a parent, you can help them develop what abilities they are not capable of doing at the moment by having them participate in every day tasks.

10 Easy Meals for Kids to Prepare


This a common meal that is easy to make together with your child. It is up to you if you are going to use ready made pizza crust or if you will include making the crust during the activity. Place the appropriate serving size of ingredients in individual bowls for your child. At first, you can let your toddler watch you while demonstrate how to distribute the ingredients around the pizza crust. After modeling how to make the pizza, allow them to independently place the toppings on their own pizza. You will have to help with heating up the pizza however you can explain to them what is happening during that process. 

Chicken Parm Sliders

All you need is bread, chicken nuggets, cheese, and tomato paste. Place the appropriate serving size of ingredients in individual bowls for your child to put together this easy meal. They will need your help for warming up the sliders once they are put together however you can explain what is happening step by step, during that process. 


One cooking method that is great for toddlers is baking. Your child will love baking cookies because they can be completely hands on in the process. First set out the proper measurements of the ingredients. Allow them to pour all of the ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix. You can have them roll the batter into balls and place them on the cookie sheet or use fun cookie cutters to create shapes. Using shape cookie cutters will encourage cognitive development for identifying shapes. You will obviously have to help with placing and removing the baking sheet in and out of the oven. However once the cookies have cooled, you can provide your toddler with sprinkles, icing, marshmallows, colored sugar and crushed peanuts to decorate the cookies.

Cheese Quesadilla 

This meal is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and provides for a fun finger food. Use whole wheat or spinach wraps for a healthier alternative. Allow your toddler to fill the wrap with cheese; they may also like some beans or shredded chicken. Heat the quesadilla up to melt the cheese. Provide salsa or guacamole as a dipping sauce for their quesadilla slices. 

Banana Split

Your child will surely have fun making this easy dessert. First help them scoop the ice cream into their bowl. Then allow them to chose and decorate their ice cream from the ingredients that you have set out in individual bowls. What is great about this dessert is that you can control the ingredients, yet your child is still getting to make choices, enhancing their independence. For a healthier dessert, use frozen yogurt in place of ice cream and set out fruits and granola instead of sugary candies as toppings. 

Pizza Toast

This is an alternative way of cooking pizza when there is no pizza crust. You can use a regular slice of bread or half of a bagel. To make it healthier, you could use a whole grain choice of bread. Provide your child's favorite toppings and allow them to create their meal. Place the pizza slice into the toaster and have your toddler watch as a timer counts down until the meal is ready.

Cereal Trail Mix

Your toddler will love these fun breakfast bites. Have them pick from their favorite cereals, combining them all in a bowl. Add honey and mix until a solid, stuck together consistency. Have your toddler scoop out the honey-cereal mix and form balls by rolling the mix in the palms of their hands. This activity enhances fine motor development.  Lay the balls on a cookie sheet and refrigerate. This well be an easy grab snack full of nutrients. 

PB & J Sandwich

The peanut butter and jelly sandwich is known to be a toddler favorite.  Use a whole grain bread or wrap as a healthier alternative to white bread. Demonstrate to your child how to spread the peanut butter and the jelly. They will gain confidence being able to make this sandwich on their own. Have your toddler experiment with different flavors of jelly. They may also enjoy replacing the jelly with honey to have a delicious peanut butter and honey sandwich. 

Fruit Kebabs

A fruit kebab is great way for your child to enjoy eating a healthy snack. Provide a variety of fruits for your child to choose from. Show them how to carefully push the fruit onto the skewer to complete the kebab. Not only will this delicious snack provide tons of vitamins, it will aid in your toddlers fine motor development with pushing the fruit down the skewer.  


A healthy meal that can be fun for your child is a simple salad. By allowing your child to choose their desired toppings, they will be more likely to eat the vegetables or fruits included. Lay out in individual bowls ingredients such as mandarin orange slices, cheese cubes, raisins, tomatoes, carrots, sunflower seeds and so on. By allowing them to choose their toppings, they will be independently encouraging themselves to try new things. 


Hands on activities allow for fun and memorable experiences while learning. Your child will not only grow with independence and confidence helping you create meals but they will be bonding with you, providing a memorable childhood. Spec Kid Club is here to help you guide your baby through all of the different stages of development. Please feel free to contact us for any questions, concerns or worries at https://speckidclub.com/