Cognitive Skills Development of a 9-12 Months Old Infant

February 22, 2019

Cognitive Skills Development of a 9-12 Months Old Infant

growth milestone that your child gets through is like a game level completed. This is like where you and your child are playing a game and that every activity is the task to be accomplished to advance to the next level. It is a parent and child achievement if the baby shows signs of cognitive skills development. The parenting goal that every parent wants to achieve is to see their child develop at the right pace.

Cognitive development in early childhood is what most mothers worry about in raising a child. It is such a troubling thought when your baby is in the age range that they were supposed to show signs of cognitive skills development, but your expectations are not met. Don’t pressure your baby or force them to show signs; they have their own pace. All you can do is to help them to be encouraged and do activities that can stimulate their cognitive abilities.

  •         When your baby already recognizes their own toys then when you hide it they are going to look for it. They will start to find it by crawling or crying out to you asking for their toy.
  •         Your baby utters incoherent words.
  •         The color variations they see are increasing, unlike the past months where they can only see a limited set of colors.

  •         Babies’ shows interest on other things aside from their toys household materials is their target of curiosity.
  •         Turning their heads towards whoever called out their name since they can recognize it at this age range.
  •         Copies actions that they see from others.
  •         Beginning to be familiar with animal sounds such as from dogs, cats, and birds.

Activities for Enhancing Cognitive Skills Development

Your baby is more participative in playtime at this age range; that is why play-based learning is still recommended. Cognitive development stages can be passed through activities that can encourage their skills to be shown. Their comprehension skills are even developed fully, but they can understand what you are trying to tell them. The memory skills of an infant are developing well; that’s why they can recognize anything easily even a stranger’s face.

To have your child’s cognitive skills development to advance here further are activities that can help you and your baby:

  •         Talk to them like how they talk. In a way, you can understand each other, and this can also encourage their language skills and out of this their first word may come out.
  •         Include music in everyday routine to let them learn more body movements.
  •         Tell them stories or talk to them about simple rules like “something is dirty” or “don’t do this and that.”
  •         Read a variety of storybooks to them.
  •         Give them picture books.
  •         Ask them to help you clean up the toys that your baby used the whole day. Your baby will surely enjoy putting objects inside containers.

Continue to do the activities for cognitive skills development from 0-12 months to keep your baby’s skills improving. You need to have much longer patience as months go by because they are becoming more and more active and playful when they developed their body movements. Visit us at to find out more child growth advice you can get.