Cognitive Skills Development Activities for 3-6 Months Old Infant

February 22, 2019

Cognitive Skills Development Activities for 3-6 Months Old Infant

For parents, it is already an achievement when their baby acquired a certain skill one after another. Your child gets to do things that they are not capable of doing before, and this brings warm fulfillment to every parent’s hearts.
Cognitive skills development is one of the improvements that parents are excited to see in their child. Parents even try to play based learning to achieve the cognitive development stages.

Cognitive skills development has different milestones, and your baby will show each characterization in their own pace. Your baby might be advanced or not but you have nothing to worry 3-6 months is a long age range, but if each skill didn’t show up in 3 months then it is time to consult experts in child development and education.

Cognitive Skills Development

Every parent is always on a look out for their baby’s achievements, for example, the first step, first word, first tooth, and a lot of firsts. Sometimes these firsts are video recorded or compiled in a baby photo album. Cognitive development in infants in the age range of 3-6 months shows these improvements:

  1.  Infants start to recognize their fingers and toes. This is the movement they start to do when they are beginning to get curious with what they see especially when their parents change their diapers.
  1. They start to discover things by putting their hands and toys inside their mouth. This is their way of knowing what objects they are interacting with. Be careful of what objects you are going to display within their reach. 3-6 months old infants can grasp objects and directly put them inside their mouth. Make sure that the toys you are going to surround them are hazard free and infant friendly.
  1. Toys within their reach are their main aim when they get curious with objects around them. They even try to reach toys that are out of their reach so give them time to learn their own way to get what they are reaching out for.

Activities for Cognitive Skills Development

In the video that you have watched, the toddler is reaching out for the toys around her. She is also trying to crawl out of her way to reach her toys. If your baby does not show these signs of cognitive skills development here are some activities that you can try to help your baby to improve.
Play-based learning and cognitive activities for toddlers are recommended such as:

  •         Peek-a-boo is a common game for parent and child that results in your baby giggling and smiling to you. Just cover your face with your hands then surprise your baby by removing your hands on your face and say peek-a-boo enthusiastically.  
  •         Call their name and make faces in front of them. This is another social activity that can engage their senses and how they can be familiar with your face.
  •          Play stuff toys with them. Act as if the stuffed toy is alive and it’s going to be a role play kind of activity more like a puppet show.
  •         Noisy toys are recommended to encourage their sensory skills especially their auditory skills. Toys such as squeaky toys are what parents usually give them. Reactions in babies are not the same; some would be delighted some would be frightened. If your baby gets delighted then this can be part of the daily routine of you and your baby but if this frightens them give it a break for a few days then you can try to repeat but if it still doesn’t work then find another activity to enhance their auditory skill like playing baby instruments with them such as rattles.

An infant’s improvement even if it’s just small movements is already a reason to celebrate. Celebrate with us at Spec Kid Club where we are happy to be of help with your baby’s development milestones.