6-9 Months Old Cognitive Skills Milestones

This is the continuation of the 3-6-month-old milestone of an infant’s 
cognitive skills. Your baby is beginning to be socially active, and they are now more familiar with your face and objects around them. This is another milestone that your baby will be achieving that needs more of your assistance since they are more active at this age range. This is another set of cognitive skills milestones; it will be the upgraded version of every stage they completed in the 3-6 months age range.

The developing child will need your help for further improvements. Just continue to do what activities you started in the 3-6-month-old age range. However this time more activities can be played, and your child will be more participative.

Cognitive Skills Milestones

Your baby has now reached the second stage of cognitive skills development. This milestone may be similar to what they have achieved in the last term, this time it’s going to be the upgraded one where you couldn’t be more proud as a parent. Keep recording your baby’s cognitive skills milestones from 0-3 months until they have fully developed the acquired skills.

Now that your baby is finished the 3-6-month-old milestone here are the signs you need to watch out for:

  •         When toys are taken away from them, they immediately try to find it. This is a sign that your baby’s memory is improving.
  •         Effortless grasping of objects is the milestone your baby will achieve at this stage. Although they can hold objects in the first five months of their development the difference in this cognitive skills milestone is that they can determine the size of the object they are about to hold.
  •        Parent and child bonding include playing with toys together. During the 0-5 month stage of the infant, the parent is the only one who plays with baby toys and baby instruments. It’s like parents demonstrate what the toys are for and when they reached the 6-9 month age range the memory of what their parents showed them was retained and it made them understand how actually to use them. Your baby is going to start playing by themselves and cooperate when you initiated to play.
  •         In the 3-6 months age range, the baby tries to reach objects that are not within the baby’s arm length this time they can calculate the distance of the object.

To retain your skills and to have progressed with your child cognitive skills milestones here are some activities that they can enjoy with you.

  •         Give them a variety of toys that can stimulate their cognitive skills. Educational wooden blocks, toys of different shapes and sizes, and musical toys are recommended for accomplishing cognitive skills milestones. You can also search for best infant learning toys to support these play-based learning activities. Buy them a series of toys that can make them familiar with different colors.
  •         Read books to your baby before they go to sleep. The baby may not understand the context of the book yet, but this can help them in recognizing your voice and some words.
  •         Hide and seek can also stimulate their solving skills. This can train your baby’s brain while they are searching for you. Playing hide and seek can also encourage them to do small movements which are their fine motor skills.
  •         Enjoy fun games with your baby with the help of music. Teach them to move to the beat and hum to the tune.
Cognitive activities for toddlers are advisable for parents who are having a hard time enhancing their child’s cognitive skills milestones. Just be of guidance to them so that the progress of completing these stages will be easy for them. Visit https://speckidclub.com/ for more tips, tricks, and strategies with growth concerns with your baby.