Toddler Cognitive Development Milestone: Increasing Baby's IQ during Pregnancy

February 24, 2019

Toddler Cognitive Development Milestone: Increasing Baby's IQ during Pregnancy

They say they there is no better connection built in this world than the one between a mother and a child. For nine months, a mom would carry the little creature inside the womb. Primarily when it is destined to be the first born, a woman could be filled with so much excitement throughout the months. All the preparations are made including making the child ready to face the challenges of the world he is about to witness by becoming a highly intelligent and witty kid with great toddler cognitive development milestones.

It is a dream of almost every mom-to-be to have a child who could perform well in school; that kid who can answer questions in an instant. That is why she seek for ways on how to bear a child with high IQ while being pregnant with the baby.

5 Amazing Tips to Give Birth to Smarter Baby

You might have heard a lot about the practices of mommies when it comes to making the baby healthy or even with emotional development in a child. But did you know that alongside with it are things that a woman can do while conceiving a baby to give birth to smarter kid?

Below are five of the fantastic tips you can have in line with this.

Make exercise a part of your day. Being pregnant and prone to the feeling of being lazy is not an excuse for you not to perform an exercise. If you are determined about having a smart kid nine months from then, it is about time for you to get up and start moving rhythmically. Do activities for language development of your baby. Studies revealed that babies born from mommies who perform exercise are likely to gain IQ level that is five scores higher than the usual level of intelligence.

  • Have bonding with your baby. Though it might feel awkward talking with a baby that has not yet been born, it would still go good in the cognitive development of him. Talking with your baby is as equivalent to creating a bond with him. Without you knowing, your baby is actually responding to the words and sounds he is hearing from you.
  • Eat good food. When you are pregnant, see to it that you are eating the right kind of food. You must have something that is rich in vitamin D and iodine. As we know, during the 12th week of pregnancy a deficiency relative to iodine is being developed inside a conceiving woman. Insufficient amount of this mineral inside your body can weaken your child’s brain development. Thus, if you want to bear smarter kid, see to it that you are replacing the lost iodine on a daily basis. One more thing, studies show that supplementation of iodine can increase the level of your child’s IQ for up to 17.25 points.

  • The future of your child is halfway defined with the way he was carried by the mother. As such, if you are really dreaming of having a well-versed and smart kid someday, start the journey as soon as you got the first sign of becoming a mother.

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