How to Raise a Smart Baby! (What Doctors Say)

Parents tend to have a goal that their child gets to be a smart person or a baby with multiple intelligence capability. It is an achievement for each parent to raise a smarter baby that excels in one area or in all learning areas. Children can either be innately intelligent or needs help in developing their cognitive skills. Do not worry if your baby is not an inborn genius since all things in this world can be learned through sufficient help and guidance from their parents. Turn your dreams into reality with advice from experts in the field of child development and education.

How to raise a smarter baby.. Where to start?

All in all, school is not the first learning facility that an infant will encounter but in truth, parents are the first teachers and a family home is the first learning institute. If you are one of those parents who want to raise a smarter baby then give them all the help and support in order for them to grow into one. However, you need a lot of patience for your child may have a slow development. Don’t pressure your child because when you put pressure on them they won’t have a fun childhood and learning for them will be burdensome.

Tips and Tricks on How to Raise a Smarter Baby

Experts in the field of child development and education discovered some tips and tricks on how to raise a smarter baby. However, before following the listed tips know first where your child is lacking and if they just need to be enhanced in all aspects. Here are the listed tips and tricks on how to raise a smarter baby given and proven by doctors:

1. A Small Chit Chat Helps

Talk to your baby every day for even if they are not yet capable of talking their brain processing skills are being encouraged by this simple act. You can either talk to them by baby talk or the normal way of speaking. Also when they hear words more often maybe their first word will come out immediately. Their communication skills get encouraged when being talked to and language learning will be much easier for them.

2. Strengthen the Bond, Strengthen the Brain

Play, talk and have time with your baby as much as possible. Bonding makes them comfortable with you meaning they feel safe and secured by being by your side. Skin to skin interactions will make them feel at ease. When the baby is feeling safe and secured their brains work better since it’s not wired and confused with what’s going on. If they are already used to your presence then your bond is going to be stronger than ever.

3.  Praise and Adore Them

When a baby is aware that they are being praised for a job well done their confidence level goes uphill. If someone is confident with what they are doing they are more engaged in showing off what they are capable of. Also, a child that grows in an environment full of support and love for them gives happiness that causes them to be more active. They become emotionally and cognitively wise.

4. Pointing the Object

According to psychological expert BYU professor Ross Flom, toddlers can easily learn the name of an object. Parents should say the name of the object while pointing at it. At first, infants will not understand but as they grow up the memory is retained and they will remember the objects name.

5. Learning through Technology

Regarding the use of modern technology of the world as a means of learning, doctors say that it is not advisable for it to be done every day. It is still better to learn through play-based learning activities so your kids can actually experience and be taught at the same time. Their brain development gets faster if they are moving while learning. Although modern technology is not that advisable you can still try making them watch baby learning videos or mobile games but remember to make them physically active too. Physical activity can fuel up the brain since their thinking process and decision making skills are tested and tried.

6. Facetime

Show your face to your baby and make different expressions. This is a food for their brain since when they reached the age range of 3 to 4 months they can easily recognize their parents face. Facetime can make it easier for your baby to know different emotions. Also, by the means of face timing infants at the age of 5 months can detect emotions in an unfamiliar person’s face and at 7-9 months they are able to know an animal’s facial expression.

7. Incline them to Music

Music is the language of the soul and food for the brain. Making your child listen to music every other day can enhance their memorizing and sensory skills. Babies learn language faster when it is sung to them. Their senses are even encouraged especially their auditory skills. Expose them to different beats, rhythms, and tones.

8. Baby’s Name

Calling their name has a big effect on their mental development. When they are being called by their name makes them more cooperative and attentive. Also, this can make them familiar with their own name and triggers their mental ability that more fun sounds will follow after saying their name.

9. Educational Toys

Provide them with educational toys. The play-based learning method is an advisable way of helping your child’s brain development. Educational learning blocks, puzzle mats, baby musical instruments, age-appropriate toys, and textural toys are toys that can give a hand to your child’s learning skills and this won’t irritate them.

10. Smart Carrying

An infant is a natural observant. When you are carrying your child they tend to look around and observe what you are doing. What they see and hear are retained in their brains that’s why being busy while carrying your child in your arms is a good way of sensory play and brain development. Let your toddler discover and experience things they don’t know from your arms. This is also a part of the skin to skin bonding that can also increase your child’s brain power.

These 10 tips and tricks will help answer that question, How to raise a smarter baby.

Be patient and concise in educating your child; don’t place a lot of pressure on them. Make it look like that it’s just for fun to make learning easier for them. Parents should be gathering a big amount of patience and understanding. Infants have each of their own development paces your child may either have a fast or slow development if they are the latter then make some adjustments and don’t be hard on them. Spec Kid Club will be here to give the answers to hard questions like how to raise a smarter baby.