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Achieve Your Child's Milestones

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How Does Spec Kid Club Work?

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Pick your Plan

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We Build Your Box

Custom box filled with age-appropriate developmental toys

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Why Spec Kid Club?

Toys, games, and activities which help sensory, physical, emotional and cognitive development.


By engaging all five of your child’s senses you will be encouraging brain function (cognitive growth) and help them to become more adaptable with their thinking as they grow.


Developing physical skills are essential in helping your child perform everyday life tasks such as dressing themselves, succeeding in an academic setting and leading a healthy-active lifestyle.


Emotional development is especially important as it impacts choices and interactions with others for life and also plays a major role in developing a healthy sense of self-awareness and confidence.


By providing opportunities for cognitive play, you enhance your child’s memory, decision-making and interactions with others. These skills are crucial for growth and independence for latter stages in life.

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